The history, technology and experience of Olympia is now also at the service of the youngest riders. In fact, we now offer a new line of bicycles, conceived and designed for kids, which is in line with the most current market trends. So alongside the conventional mtb range, in 24” and 20” versions, we now offer a new Fat bike model.

First appearing in the USA for sand or snow, Fat bikes are ideal for kids. Why? 

First and foremost because of their stability. Thanks to the wider wheels, the young cyclist is definitely more stable and able to stay in the saddle easier.

On a Fat Bike kids have the feeling that they are in control of the bike. The fat wheels go anywhere: whether dirt roads, white roads, bumpy or smooth terrain, it doesn’t much matter. And in the city tram tracks or cobblestones are no longer a problem. Maybe going uphill is a bit more of a struggle, but how about downhill?