Olympia, always very attentive to market signs and trends, offers some of its more popular models in the new 650b+ or 27.5” version. This format, otherwise called 650b+, is not a new wheel diameter but an evolution of the 27.5”.

It is the current trend and it promises to become the new market standard. The 650b+ currently provides the advantages of a “fat” tyre combined with the lightweight qualities of a conventional mtb tyre. Some have already defined it as a “mid-fat”. In practical terms these are 650b (27.5”) tyres with an increased width (from 2.8 up to 3) with rims that have wider internal channels.

Naturally our frames have been appropriately designed to adapt to the new wheel. For example, the front and rear hub stop is larger (the rear through axle is 148mm, complying with the new standards, the front one is 15mm x 110mm) the chain line is moved farther outward and for the forks we selected specific models, custom designed for the new 650b+ version.