The bicycle is covered by a two-year warranty on faults due to manufacturing flaws for mechanical components that are not subject to easy wear and for electrical components, with the exclusion of the  battery.
The warranty period shall start from the purchase date (the date shown on the receipt and the warranty certificate will be valid).
The battery warranty is 12 months, except in the case short circuit failures, water infiltrations, tampering, use of chargers not approved by Olympia Cicli, or due to inexperience or negligence damage are found.
The warranty does not cover neither ordinary maintenance costs, nor the components subject to wear and tear such as: tires, rims, bearings, brakes, bulbs, chain, and other components subject to easy wear.
Damages due to the normal action of time or to the cyclist’s negligence are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty does not cover any colour fade due to exposure to sunlight
The warranty does not cover any damages to the painting caused by the use of aggressive cleaning products such as common degreaser or similar. 
The warranty does not cover theft or shoplifting.
Improper use of the product automatically voids the warranty.
Failure to comply with the rules set out in this use and maintenance booklet voids the warranty.
Warranty intervention have to be required EXCLUSIVELY BY THE AUTHORIZED OLYMPIA DEALER. In the case an available dealer is not found, please contact the Olympia service center, which will provide appropriate information about the nearest authorized retailer.
Any modification to the electrical and / or mechanical system of the bicycle causes the immediate loss of the warranty requirements.
In case of a necessary warranty intervention, the customer will send the bicycle at his own expense to the authorized Olympia dealer who, in turn, will send it directly to the manufacturer.
If the use of the guarantee is necessary, please indicate the following data: type of bicycle, date of purchase (presentation of the purchase document), detailed description of the problem.