Boasting an impressive 118 years in business, Cicli Olympia's history goes back a long way.

With its passion for cycling and zest for business, the Fontana family has made this company an important part of the history of this sport; by following the changes and keeping up with innovations in technology, Cicli Olympia has developed into the manufacturer that all the champions in the cycling world look to.
An ever growing firm, Cicli Olympia is flying the flag for Italian manufacturing all over the world.

Olympia' success is attributable to a careful balance of technology and craftwork, and a mixture of ability and research. The wide range of models produced, the quality guaranteed – which has always ensured the Olympia brand stands out from the rest -, together with the value placed on the craft approach and professionalism, combine to make up the philosophy that Vittorio and Paolo Fontana, cousins and heirs of a great tradition, still pursue today.

Under their leadership, Cicli Olympia has gone from strength to strength, and now boasts a substantial manufacturing output in a specialised field; all the production is contained in the company's cutting-edge plant, located in Piove di Sacco, while the network of 400 Olympia stores spread throughout Italy offers the general public a unique, high-quality retail service.

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