Sunday 26 June, the XCM World Championship was played in Laissac (France). First of all women’s race started at 8.20 with a track of 70 km and 2350 m rise. At 8.45 the race started for men, with a track of 90 km and 3130 m rise. No long climbs during this race, but a various track with a lot of breaking legs ups and downs.

From the beginning of the race a group with a selection of 5 top bikers started to lead, inside the group our strong athlete, bearer of the Colombian Federation, Leonardo Paez. During all the race Leonardo was in the leading group, but unfortunately at a few km to the finish line, while he was racing in first position, a technical failure caused a disastrous fall. Leonardo Paez didn’t give up at all, he finished the race, arriving to the finish line without being able to use the derailleur and rear break. He ends his World Championship in 4th position, just a minute later then the winner. An absolute demonstration that Leo Paez is a great Champion and a pride for the Colombian Federation and for the team Olympia Polimedical.

I am really upset – comments Leonardo Paez after the race - a missed opportunity to wear the World Champion’s Jersey. I really wanted to be on the podium today, with my Olympia IRON. I really feel in a great shape, phisically and mentally, I was unlucky, but I still have a lot to show”.

The President of team Olympia Polimedical, Loredana Manzoni, comments: “Leonardo is in great shape, he wasn’t given among the favorite for this kind of race, but against all odds and people speaking too much, he showed, with facts, he is a great champion and a great biker. He was in the leading group from the beginning to the end and if he wouldn’t had that technical problem he should gave us a podium and maybe the rainbow jersey. We don’t go far using ifs and buts, so Leo will surely recover fast his moral and physical damage and he will show his undisputed value

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