Braidot and Cicli Olympia, an ongoing story. On Tuesday 6 February, at the Cicli Olympia headquarters in Piove di Sacco, brothers Luca and Daniele Braidot signed an agreement with the company's top management that confirms three years’ sponsorship for the twins from Gorizia by Cicli Olympia and Vittoria. 


These two historic sponsors have believed in these two cyclists who ride for the Centro Sportivo Carabinieri since they began competing in top-level off-road races as young hopefuls. The outcome is more than just a sponsor-athlete relationship, having become constant collaboration in pursuit of technical perfection and consequent improvement of racing results.   


The Braidot brothers’ career so far, studded with blue and Italian championship jerseys and even a seventh place by Luca in the Rio Olympics, has always seen Olympia and Vittoria as the common denominator. No surprise then that these two brands are firmly at their side on the journey that leads to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, focused on participation by both brothers in the cross-country race. 


“This is a decidedly ambitious goal. Today we are putting an essential piece of our preparation in place, and this will allow us to serenely and professionally plan the next three sporting years," commented the Braidots. “We would like to give heartfelt thanks to the Fontana family, the owners of Cicli Olympia, and all the Vittoria group, who have believed in us since the very first day and opened the doors of their companies to us.” 


“For years now, the Braidot brothers have been our brand endorsers, this agreement comes from way back and looks way ahead,” said Michela Fontana, the owner of Cicli Olympia. “We have seen them grow as bikers and we are enthusiastic about continuing our collaboration in a project that has the Olympics as its goal, the dream of every athlete.” 


The first step on the long journey towards the Olympics in Japan will shortly be taken, with the start of the 2018 MTB season. Luca and Daniele Braidot, Italian cyclocross champion and vice-champion respectively, will be back on the saddles of their full-suspended Olympia F1-X bikes, which they have been using since the 2017 European Championships and on which they shone as top members of the Italian national team in the World Cup. The Braidot Twins were enthusiastic about their F1-X from the start: “We immediately had a good feeling about this bike. We think it is right for us and will lead to results in line with our expectations.” 


Daniele and Luca Braidot’s Olympia F1-X bikes are fitted with electronic Shimano XTR, Fox Float forks and Vittoria Reaxcion wheels.


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