The technology applied to pedal assistance is constantly evolving and Cicli Olympia upgrades its production in parallel - to offer state-of-the-art models to e-bike lovers. A new frontier in the field of high-performance electric bike equipment, Steps 8000 is Shimano's top-class motor. Olympia will use it to equip its dual-suspension E1-X Carbon 8.0, an upgraded, future-oriented version of E1-X, the current flagship model of the Olympia electric bike range, which has inspired its frame and chassis design.

At 2.8 kilograms, Steps 8000 is one of the lightest power units on the market. It ensures smooth, user-friendly power delivery, which can adapt to the characteristics of any routes and make the bike easier to handle even in the hardest stretches. Pedalling efficiency is enhanced by its narrow Q Factor (only 177 mm distance between crank rotation planes), the same as in the current XT. The motor covers hide the cable harnesses and fixing screws from view.

Designed for a shorter rear stay, to be in line with the geometry of a standard mountain bike, this motor delivers 70Nm of constant maximum torque and 250 Watt power.

The Shimano 8020 504Wh battery is fully integrated in the slanted tube and guarantees up to 100 kilometres' range after one charge cycle. It can be charged to 80% in less than two hours and to 100% in five hours, with a life cycle of 1,000 charges without any significant power loss. The system is controlled by a computer with LCD colour display, indicating the motor assistance level and the battery charge level.

The control unit allows the user to choose from three motor assistance modes: Eco, Trail and Boost, further customisable by selecting the Dynamic, Explorer or Custom modes. The performance of this e-mtb can be adjusted with great precision to one's riding needs and chosen routes, using the available wireless mode via Bluetooth . In addition, motor assistance levels can be managed directly from a computer, tablet or smartphone using the Shimano E-tube app.

With Steps 8000, Shimano has improved control in the more technical segments and enhanced the smoothness of motor assistance response, which promptly and gradually supports muscular input, also thanks to the Dynamic Chain Engagement system.  

Cicli Olympia has also painstakingly selected all components. E1-X 8.0 is equipped with Shimano XT 8020 dual-piston brakes, a highly reliable and effective braking system.  

In the E1-X Carbon 8.0 model, the outstanding Steps performance is further enhanced by the technological solutions already developed by Olympia for E1-X Carbon, starting from the monocoque UD carbon fibre frame - weighing in at just 2,900 grams. The shaping lines are inspired by standard MTB designs. In the steering area, torsional rigidity and handling have been improved even further.

The front fork is Rock Shock Yari with 150mm travel, the central suspension is Rock Shox Deluxe.

Cicli Olympia offers two available versions of E1-X Carbon 8.0: the Prime version with Shimano XT 11 gear shifter and a more affordable version equipped with Shimano Deore 10.


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